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For a ride to do 56 miles, my age, it should be around 4 to 4-1/2 hours. At least that is what it usually takes me now. I don't push myself hard, just a good steady pace I am comfortable using. Works for me.

Originally Posted by Smogsteve View Post
I'm 62 and did this years ride in 3:09. Last year it took 7:43 , but that was 7 weeks after heart surgery. Yes, my Dr. and wife yelled at me for that.
Good for you on doing your ride as you saw fit. My only witty comeback would be "What doesn't kill me only serves to make me stronger." You are the only one that knows if you are up to doing this ride. I agree with seeing a doctor and doing the PT or other therapies and such but, some things are simply up to the individual . As long as I take my cell phone, wear my RoadID and ride responsibly I am going to ride as I see fit by the way "I" feel.

If I feel off I'll stop and make the dreaded call home for a ride. Or, I'll die happy as I hit the ground. Now the flames can start from those that find my answer irresponsible, have at my friends, or enemies, if they prefer. It is only what I would do, not what i want them to do..

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