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Andy, you said earlier that your dad had bought out his sister in 1980, and after he bought the company it was renamed Ross Bicycles Inc.. Would you happen to know when the headbadges on the bikes changed? Was 1980 the last year for the round Ross/Chain Bike Company badge?
Do you also happen to know when the last bikes were produced at Allentown?
Did you work for the company back then?

I grew up in an area where the local shop sold a ton of Ross bikes, they were the most common bike to see back then around here. That shop is still in business but hasn't sold Ross since somewhere around the time that Rand purchased the name.
I bought a Ross Gran Tour in late 1980 that I believe was built in September of that year, it still uses the older headbadge. I don't remember what the next years models used. I have seen the rectangular "R" logo in later years, but was curious when that began.
I also have seen a few older road bikes with a 'Ross, Rockaway Beach, NY" with 'Made in Taiwan' on the headbadge. They were lower end, steel wheeled, lugged frame bikes equipped with what was probably early to mid 70's components.
Did Ross import their early road bikes?
Did production cease atRockaway Beach once Allentown opened?
Since the headbadge said Rockaway Beach, NY, I am assuming that it was pre-Allentown production.
Also, When was the first Allentown Road bike?

I would be interested in seeing a web site or timeline for both the Ross Company history as well as maybe even a timeline for some of the different models.
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