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Mark where your fitter has the seat now then try moving it forward on the rails a little, Also make shure your seat and bars are level (no drop-no rise) get a cheep stem if needed. If that does'nt work try a shorter stem to bring the bars closer or a short reach bar but keep the seat and bars level. If you go back to a fitter tell them you want your seat adjusted so you are directly over the spindle (no set back) and bars level with the seat and have them use a fit stem to play with the reach. That is the direction I would go on a touring bike during most fits. The more forward seat position and higher bars allows you more comfort, better control and spinning capiability for the extra weight you will have on the bike. Also keep in mind a fitter can get you close with your input but you may have to tweak your fit to get it perfect. Once you get one bike perfect the angles can be transfered to any bike of the same style without you even being there.

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