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I clean mine by hand, most ar 32 spoke wheels. A wet rag in hand, spin wheel and let the rim surface runn along the rag. Then I go back with a dry rag to remove moisture.

Spokes, I use a wet piece of cloth, pinch the spoke between my fingers and run down the spoke. Then follow with a dry rag. I do a section of 5 spokes at a time.

Hub, I use a wet strip of cloth, run it around then the same with a dry to polish it.

If the nipples are real dirty, I use an old toothbrush to brush clean around them.

Same with the crossing of spokes near the hubs.

If the rim finsished surface ( I avoid the brake surface) or any of the spokes are real bad (gum etc), I may use a light spray of WD40 onto the rag then wipe the surface. Works well
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