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Originally Posted by Alan Edwards View Post
My thought was that if the FD self adjusts then if it was set up for a triple you would not need to change the cage.
I was originally thinking that, if you don't change the cage, the chain would rub against the tail end of the cage when in the granny ring. But I just took a close look at my Ui2 FD and the cage seems to be long enough (there's space between the chain and the tail end even in 34/12 gear). 50/39/30 should work without physical changes. Maybe even 52/39/30.

Electronic rear / cable front is crazy. Mostly defeats the idea of having electronic shifting in the first place. Most of the value of electronic is in smooth reliable front shifting and front auto-trim. Besides, it simply wouldn't work, the system won't function if it does not see all components.
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