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Originally Posted by Lew. View Post
It sounds like you've already made your mind up with the large, if you don't want a medium.
Only because I've had issues with circulation being cut off with size large and XL stuff, let alone mediums. Big thighs.

Originally Posted by THSdrummer View Post
I wear medium race-cut jerseys and large/XL bibs, so I'm interested to know as well.
I'll keep you posted. Competitive cyclist has been my source for things like this before, I will order a bunch of stuff and send back what doesn't fit. I can't remember if I pay for shipping back, but I think so. My jerseys are tight as hell in the chest (but not constricting), the sleeves bunch up in the depression between my biceps and shoulders generally but all in all I like the mediums because that's the only way I can avoid having fabric flapping around my stomach (or having the pockets sag). I have some large bibs that come real close to being constricting from my hips down.

Originally Posted by caloso View Post
My team kit is Hincapie. I wear a large jersey and medium bibs. When I decided to get a skin suit I ordered a medium, mostly because I was worried the legs would be too long. I chose wrong. I can barely get the thing over my shoulders.
You probably have a longer torso than I do. My issues are more circumference.

Originally Posted by grolby View Post
"Speed suit" isn't actually a category of cycling garment. It's the term Castelli uses for a skin suit. If you check their website or catalog, you'll find that their standard TT skin suits are all called "speed suits." What you are thinking of when you say speed suit is specifically Castelli's San Remo Speed Suit, which is a pair of bibs sewn into a jersey to create a one-piece garment kind of like a skin suit, but with pockets and a full-zip front. If there are other products out there like this, I'm not aware of them, but it would be interesting to know.

ANYWAY. I actually do have a San Remo Speed Suit. Love it. I also have a normal skin suit from Giordana. I don't have sizing challenges (I'm S across the board) so I can't be specifically helpful, but I would suggest going with the larger of your sizes, but would even more strongly suggest trying one on first. Larger on the bottom is probably the better situation to have, for what that's worth.
You're exactly right. That's what I was looking at. I thought the cross and tri style suits were called speed suits and had pockets too, but I have no idea where I got that information.

I may order the san remo from CC to see what it's all about. As for the skinuits, I'm hoping that hincappie, as it seems to be cut more on the larger side, while still not being billowy, might work.
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