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As far as #2 goes, I used to be very afraid of riding on the road and would only ride on MUPs (multi-use paths) and trails where there were no cars. But then I got bored on those, and realized that they were just as dangerous, if not more, because of both dogs and children not on leashes darting in front of you and people not paying attention. So now I mostly ride on roads and just try to be as safe as possible by wearing very bright shirts and having blinking lights on back and front even during the day. Also wear a helmet and use a mirror (these issues, you'll find, are actually quite controversial here.) I ride mostly rural roads and haven't really had any close calls or very dangerous incidents in about 5,000 miles last year. Of course it all depends on what part of the country you live in, if you ride in urban or rural areas, etc. Take a visit to the Advocacy and Safety forum here and it will seem like automobiles are mowing down bike riders left and right but I don't really think that bicycle riding as a sport and hobby is much more dangerous than jogging or just crossing a busy city intersection while out strolling.
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