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pretty much all of the above...
except, my view on mirrors - way too distracting. better to be well aware of what you're riding into, be able to 'scan' the immediate environment in front and to the sides and and recognize upcoming issues - you'll see hazards and danger a lot earlier and better. A lot of problems can be avoided if the rider is well aware of whats ahead. I see a lot of riders swerve to avoid stuff which was obvious 30 or more yds before they react. Enjoy the ride more by not being clueless.
You really don;t want to know what's goin on behind you. If someone is intent on mowin you down, you won't know until too late.
Learning to cast a quick glance behind over either shoulder, before making a turn across traffic, and maintaining a straight line, is a good skill to develop.
You can find a decent roadbike for $250ish, but it'll be someone else's preowned... Find a friend who has some reasonable bike knowledge and ask questions, look locally. Everything is important, except paint color...
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