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Wow! I get Money!

I didn't even know this. I have been commuting for months now, and I come to find out from a friend at work, that in the security office, they have these little calender packets for car-pooling etc. Each time I ride my bike, I just put a "B" on the days I ride. Then, I turn it in at the end of the month. They record it, add up the days and give me money at the end of each quarter.

They give me $2.50/ day I ride to work (max $32.50/month). So, if ride 2-3 days a week, I figure I can get about $75 extra on my paycheck every three months. Not a bad deal, considering I am also saving money on gas, and staying in shape, so less doctor bills too.

It's not alot of money, but an $75 every three months just for riding my bike to work is worth turning in a piece of paper once amonth.

Do any of you have a program like this at work?
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