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Thanks so much, everyone. Much appreciated!


My motivation is that I'm planning on doing an ebike conversion (front hub) with a target cruising speed of 25 MPH, which will probably require different mechanical gearing to work efficiently with pedalling. I'm going to be replacing my handlebar at the same time (with one that will fit me better), and my experience hasn't been all that great with the iMotion-9. I know some people love IGH, but mine frankly hasn't been maintenance-free as advertised (and I mean beyond cable adjustment, which I have no problem with).

1. I've had the entire unit replaced already, and the LBS mechanic who worked on it said the inside of the original one was "trashed" inside. To be fair, I had the LBS work on it first because I broke the plastic part where the cable exits the hub, which was entirely my fault. But the trashing the LBS mentioned was unrelated. Except when the hubs were less than a year old, I've always had some slippage in gears 5-6, no matter how much I adjust. I spent a great deal of time trying to find out how to lube the thing even though it's touted as not needing that, at least for years. It wasn't until just recently, some 4 years after buying the bike, that I learned I can lube theough the disc brake rotor bolt holes.

2. It seems it's discontinued anyway. As this bike is used as a regular commuter, especially in the winter (when I use the unassited road bike less), that means I may need to convert eventually anyway.

3. The weight of the IGH doesn't seem to outweigh the *claimed* lack of needed maintenance.

4. I like to be able to fix things myself. With a derailluer, I can see what's going on.

As I was saying, the conversion is likely going to "want" higher gearing. After further thought the RD alone probably won't get me there, because I'll still have the midsize chainring.

What I'm leaning towards now is just seeing how things go as-is, and probably installing a larger single crank accordingly. When I *need* to replace the iMotion-9, I'll consider those Shinano Hone parts, or MAYBE another IGH for 135mm spacing. I remember reading that the Gripshift for my iMotion is specific to the hub, though - this is why I was thinking about doing the conversion now, with the new shifter on the new handlebar.

The Hone parts do sound like the better option, since the different IGH option likely will change the chainline.
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