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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
i have extremely limited experience, but i rode gephardt road for 2 miles all the way across brookfield and there was a marked bicycle lane the whole way. i consider that pretty good for an outer burb. i saw a handful of other cyclists along the route as well, so i didn't feel like a fish out of water out there.

i don't think the mississippi river is really the demarcation line because here in the great lakes region, chicago, toronto, detroit, indianapolis, and milwaukee are all highly gridded cities.
It's kind of funny that he picks the Mississippi because Minneapolis, MN on the West bank of the river is gridded and St. Paul, MN (right across the river) is hub and spoke, - sort of.

I've been to Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Boulder, and Honolulu each multiple times. I tend to bring a pair of running shoes everywhere I travel but rarely a bike. Anyway I think I'd be plenty comfortable cycling all of these places but Honolulu was probably the worst. I understand it's gotten a bit better. Boston in particular struck me as far easier to get around on foot (and probably a bike) than it would be in a car.

Because I was more or less a visitor to all these cities I probably ended up in more pedestrian friendly places so it's tough to judge.
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