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I've spent enough time in Toronto to see the similarities and differences to commuting in NYC. In both cities, drivers are plenty used to seeing and dealing with cyclists. How they deal with them differs. NYers don't usually pass close and typically stay to the left to give you room to ride through on the right. Torontonians pass closer and immediately pull over to the right and hug the curb so you can't pass through on the right. Lane splitting isn't unique to NY, but you're more likely to see a cyclist sailing up and down the middle of the avenues because traffic's moving slowly. Not so in Toronto so lane split w/ care. For me, and only me it seems, I end up lane splitting through intersections because Toronto drivers wanting to turn right infringe the bike lane if there is one, or sit on the curb if there isn't. The quickest way around that is to split the lane and pass on their left. Lastly, Toronto's streetcar tracks add an extra challenge since they're perfect for catching skinny tires and sending you to the ground. They're especially hazardous when wet or snow covered.
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