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Originally Posted by kenji666 View Post
People are made of carbon. What's the concern?
Your bones are made of calcium and phosphorus. Wanna eat a lump of calcium or snort a line of powdered phosphorus?

Less snarky answer, the problem is the form the carbon is in. In people, it's in chemical compounds, in a carbon-fibre composite structure like a bike, it's in fibres. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that the dust from cutting carbon composites may be similar to the fibres that come off asbestos when it disintegrates, and it's well-known how nasty those are. I don't actually know for sure, but even if it's just fine dust, breathing in large amounts of it is not a good idea.

I know my university does some work with carbon composites for motor vehicles, and they require the use of a mask when cutting it from what I'm told. I don't know if that's just arse-covering in case of some sort of lawsuit, or if it's genuinely necessary.

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