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Originally Posted by veneer
sweet.. thanks ahpook.. as a matter of fact.. i might do the ride this weekend first so i can see just how long it will take for me to get to work. also.. i gotta find the entrance onto the Guadalupe River Trail first. i see the signs that said bike trail ahead.. but then after that.. i don't see anything. perhaps i'll go search around today after work.

i did find the trail that leads from capitol to santa teresa though.
I ride that trail every day. (every day that I ride that is)

you're going north, so head north on navarez (towards where the northbound hwy87 ramp is) and pass the onramp to the freeway. Next light is Hillsdale I believe. Go straight. It's about 1/4 mile past hillsdale on the left. Can't miss it, it's there where the stop sign is.

That section of trail has been littered with glass and all sorts of crap lately. I recommend armadillos A few weeks ago a bunch of papers and such appeared scattered across the trail, it looks like it was some business' financial records or something. Pavement is also a little rough in sections and after the first time i rode it I swore to return to my old route, but after the 2nd day I decided that it's not too bad.

The worst part of the trail is where it goes to surface streets near the curtner light rail stop. Turn left (down the small hill), then turn right at the stop sign. Go to the light at curtner and turn right. Pass under the freeway and take the immediate left (again towards the northbound fwy onramp). You'll see the trail pickup on the right hand side of the road at the entrance to the schoolbus parking yard. You'll be on the trail now until willow st. That's where I get off the trail and head west on willow.

That's cool that they're opening another section of the trial this weekend, I'll have to check it out for when I swing downtown to buy sharks tickets without ticketmaster fees!

Maybe I'll see you on the trail! I enter the trail at Santa Teresa and ride it until willow. I'll be the one going the other way, fighting headwinds morning and evening.
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