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A Story of Joy and Tears -and Tandems

Our Schwinn Triplet has roamed the streets of Philadelphia for three years now. From Olney to Pattison avenue...on gravel, cobbles and pavement. Most of the time it has only two riders and it frequently needs work and difficult to find parts. Getting it in and out of the house is a challenge and its range is limited by one gear. One something goes wrong, you're walking it home; it won't fit in cars and lacks QR wheels. My wife has been hinting for a few months that she'd like something more dependable, lighter and geared. I looked at a Holdsworth which Auchen and Jet offered help with, but my wife veto'd it in the end.

Today we went and looked at one Tom found at trexlertown. My standard were high - eyelets, OS tubes, aesthetically appealing. What I most wanted was a Bilenky, but without paying for one. Part of me was hoping we wouldn't find one that was perfect because my heart will always be taken by the triplet. Remember - we even passed on that beautiful NOS Holdsworth. It's exactly what I most wanted - even a Bilenky. It couldn't be more perfect. It's bittersweet for me - I will love this bike and we'll ride it together for decades, but I know its arrival means that the triplet will now be relegated to special occasions.

It needs a little work - new tires, rack, different rear bars, wheels trued and maybe a Nitto Technomic. The beauty of the paint isn't really coming through.

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