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Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake View Post
You know - the v-brakes are ugly, but they work GREAT! I'm not sure I'm changing them - they really have what I want for a tandem like this; power! If I do change them I'd probably spring for Pauls, unless cyclotoine has another set of 982s. I have a set of Mafac cantis in reserve, but I think the Pauls are likely stiffer.

On year - I think it's mid-90s from the parts, rear spacing and tubing diameter. I saw some others labeled Sterling, and this looks like a later one based on the shaped tubes and paint. I think 99' was the end of the Sterling label for Bilenky, so no later than that.

The things I know I'm doing are changing the tires and putting on a rear rack. I might go front as well...we have a tradition of taking the tandem to brunch and shopping in the Italian market afterwards. Sometimes we end up with a lot of food.

Dallas - you've ridden the triplet...was that thing flexy or what?
There is no doubt that V brakes work very well, but there is no reason a pair of cantis that are set up properly won't work as well as V brakes. You'd be able to get rid of that silly looking multiplier and utilize that braze-on at the rear of the bike. After all the bike is designed to use cantis.

As far as the triplet being flexy: YES. It was sort of like riding a pogo stick with me in the middle position. I have a ton of fun riding that triplet!
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