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Originally Posted by KonAaron Snake View Post
You know - the v-brakes are ugly, but they work GREAT! I'm not sure I'm changing them - they really have what I want for a tandem like this; power! If I do change them I'd probably spring for Pauls, unless cyclotoine has another set of 982s. I have a set of Mafac cantis in reserve, but I think the Pauls are likely stiffer.

On year - I think it's mid-90s from the parts, rear spacing and tubing diameter. I saw some others labeled Sterling, and this looks like a later one based on the shaped tubes and paint. I think 99' was the end of the Sterling label for Bilenky, so no later than that.

The things I know I'm doing are changing the tires and putting on a rear rack. I might go front as well...we have a tradition of taking the tandem to brunch and shopping in the Italian market afterwards. Sometimes we end up with a lot of food.

Dallas - you've ridden the triplet...was that thing flexy or what?
Nice score! FWIW, stay with the V-brakes. The Paul Neo-Retro are overrated and a PIA to set up compared to the existing brakes. Plus they don't stop as well as the V-brakes. I am using Tektro dual pivots on my tandem and they work great. Canti's are fine if they are the only option. Since you will ACTUALLY RIDE this bike and want to be able to stop quickly & safely in traffic, be able to make a minor adjustments on the road and not have to think about your brakes again, screw the style police and stay with the XTR brakes.

Have you shown it to Stephen yet?
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