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Originally Posted by Walkafire
I would stick a little flashlight, (mini-mag) in your bag.

Maybe a "AAA" size..small enough for you to bite it while you change a tube? etc...?
AAA maglights were great, 10 years ago. Now, LED lights have far surpassed them. I have 3 real, honest-to-goodness Mag-Lite brand AAA lights that anyone can HAVE. You can buy LED lights that are brighter, smaller, cheaper, more reliable, and the batteries last longer.

Target has a decent selection. So does Wal*Mart. The larger, 3AAA one from Wal*Mart with a Luxeon light is as bright as my 3D Maglight, and the batteries cost 1/10th as much and they last longer. The only plus of the Maglight is that it's better for beating chasing dogs with.
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