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Originally Posted by ahpook
All this talk has me thinking about going that way to pick up a couple extra miles this afternoon. My route would look like http://tinyurl.com/caqe8

The only thing I'm not sure about is where I can pick up the trail headed south. The only entrance I know about for sure is at Santa Clara st., next to the shark tank.
instead of heading down leigh, off of willow, you could get on the los gatos creek trail where willow ends at the school and ride under leigh, then the next street that you come to on the trial is bascom. You'll be about a block from performance.

that's a section of my commute, and when I hit performance, that's what I do. I just ride the sidewalk on the left cause it's a short distance and those streets are more of a hassle to cross and stuff.

alternatively you could go this way it's less miles, but san tomas is pretty good for riding. and fast!
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