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goodbye for a little bit ?

Not that I'm the most frequent poster but I'm probably going to be a bit less frequent. At least there's some entertainment in the story.
My favorite ride in the world in an out and back from Teklanika Campground in Denali National Park to Polychrome Pass, 36mi round trip, consisting entirely of two long hills, around 3,000 feet of climbing. Two years ago, working my way down from 280lb, it was a horrendous struggle for both myself and my wife. Barely doable. One ride left my wife in tears and me nearly collapsing at one point but we persevered.
Last year I did 4,000+ mi and we both did spinning class all winter and I've dropped 60lb so far.
I do that ride several times a year with my favorite time being before the Park opens. I've gone out and back alone without seeing a single person.
Friday my wife and I were nearly to the top of the second big hill, Polychrome and passed a big, beautiful Grizzly just off the road. A few minutes later my tire caught a rut and I went down in a micro second. Broken collarbone, three broken ribs. Not good. As my wife covered me with the spare clothing we brought, anticipating needing to ride back to get help which was about 2 hours back, an SUV with two rangers pulled up. We (they) were able to throw our bikes in the back and I got up on my own and got in the front seat for a long ride back to Teklanika where I got in an ambulance that took me to the Park entrance where I traded ambulances and road for another three hours over our bumpy Alaskan roads back home to a hospital.
No dinner for the bear.
It was a pretty interesting clavicle break and they decided to operate and put in a plate of some kind.
Nasty timing after spinning all winter in hopes of getting in some serious miles this summer. No complaints on the grander scale of things. Just too many horrible tragedies in the world for room to complain seriously, but of course I admit to being a bit perturbed.
I'm particularly glad that 1) my wife was with me and 2) the rangers stopped by before the bear.
Maybe I'll actually be posting more often out of boredom....but there's no thought at stopping riding...or even stopping doing that ride solo. We get exactly ONE life to live. Whether I go out from a car accident, old age, or being eaten by a grizzly makes no difference to me. It's all the good times in between that make life worth living and at 61yrs old I have no intention of letting a little thing like a grizzly bear or a broken bone intimidate me.
Best to for another Percocet ....
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