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so far everything was flat, now is time to climp about 50 feet in about 10 blocks

just checking

half pusher half monkey

finally we reach the destination.

the whole purpuse of all this metal is to make 4 arches so plant can grow on them, all this is located on a comunity garden in a berkeley high school

again no powertools all human Power.

me ussing the come-alongs to bend the rod

sometimes i don't know if Danny thinks to much or does not think at all.

after a long day at "work" we when for a well deserve dinner, this time mike was sitting on the TriHauler and I became the Motor...

man is freaking hard, a was not carring that much load,,only about 250/300 pound and i was ready to quit a few times on the somehow step hills on the way to the restaurant

anyway, I much rather put my fisical body and menthal energy into something usseful whan going to a silly Gym and let all this power go to waste..

I hope you gals and guys like the little report, again sorry about the ingles and the somehow lamme fotos..

be sure i will take more pictures when the project is done.
to clarified we are BUilding(in the present) a structure so arboreal plants can make a nest, this structure is compose of 4 arches and a bunch of trellis in betweeen them, hopefully in a few months we will have a eleveted garden for the kids at the highschool to eat from, be sure i will post the pictures when the project reach other stages.

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