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1) Is the issue covered by the ebay coverage? Always strive to exhaust the buyers coverage before making any repair attempts or dissembly as any such attempts will pretty much negate the coverage (if there is any)

2) Do the photos in the ad on ebay show the 3 chainring?

3) Does the wording of the ad including any mention of any damages or disfunction or need for a tune up to make it shift right? The seller may have no idea of the damaged frame.

4) In your queries to the seller prior to buying, what did the seller say about the crankset in response; such as brand, model, number of teeth on each ring, number of rings, bottom bracket type and brand, estimated number of miles on the components, etc.?

I suspect the root cause analyis will come down to either Malice or Ignorance on the part of the seller. It could be either or both. Hopefully the seller or ebay's buyer protection will at least partially bail you out.

At best you will get some of your money back, but not getting the Vitus frame in ridable condition is a bummer.

When you have exhausted the recovery options, then it is time to see Frank the Welder. Search and look at the many photos in this forum of his work... there is no doubt he is one of the best at the technical aspects as well as the art.

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