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Originally Posted by enjoi07 View Post
Because it was never intended to be a joke.
Then, you are just being careless. How did you want people to interprete the thread title? I'm assuming you used the standard polemical thread title as an attempt to be funny.

You certainly didn't provide any detail (I'm assuming you did that deliberately).

Originally Posted by enjoi07 View Post
I obviously know what the "popcorn" means and I knew what was to come (well, not right out of the gate with the "idiot" comment which MIGHT have been interpreted as "funny" without the use of the term "idiot").
You obviously are not being very careful.

You set your thread up as some sort of attempt at humor given the thread title and with the "popcorn" comment. That it backfired is due to your carelessless.

Originally Posted by enjoi07 View Post
I think you need to sort out your whole concept of a joke.

You really should stay away from the internet until you learn how not to shoot yourself in the foot.

I think you should refrain from making careless posts.
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