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Yeah carry a patch kit, and make sure you can fully change your tire with the tools you carry before you depend on it, being stranded in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night missing a crucial tool would suck (gross understatment).
In addition to being an obsessed cyclist I'm also and avid outdoorsperson and I'm in love with headlamps. I picked up one of the new Nite Hawk headlamps for camping and for use night riding. This headlmap kick's ass, it run's on a single LED type thing (it's actually some new development called an emmiter) but is really powerful. Mine has two light settings. One with a range of 12 meters and another with a range of 120 meters. On the low setting you get around 100 hours of light off 4 AA's and on the high setting you get 10-15 hour's of light.
I've gone bombing down bike trails that go down a river valley near my house at top speed with the headlamp and had MORE than enough light on the high setting.
The headlamp can run on recharables which I will buy and use for urban commuting once I run down the batteries that are in it right now (which might take a while). It's a pretty cool headlamp cause the head also rotates side to side. it is possible to remove and re-arange the straps. which I will do in the winter so I can take the battery pack off and stick it into my jacket to get better life (stop batteries from freezing). Oh yeah and when night riding I stick my rear flasher on the back of my headlamp. Combined with my helmet mirror my set up look's seriouse. I'll take a picture, later...
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