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Originally Posted by cyclezealot
Ffarrell...I feel the same way about cities..I do my best to refuse to fall prey to fear...I would enjoy my hockey, attend concerts in big cities..I am a city friendly person and will not abandon them..So many almost refuse to enter a city limit if the city is bigger than 100.000...Cities should be our epicenter of our civilization...They only thing that would stop me from bike commutting in a city , is if traffic was too dangerous and no shoulders.

good post - i agree 100%. in my personal experience with myself and friends i've seen more car breaks ins in the 'burbs and the office park where i work as opposed to my downtown neighborhood. i'd rather be walking or biking near benign homeless folks or peirced goth punks as opposed to bored suburban high school kids any day. of course this is in denver, which has a more gentrified downtown than other cities, but still have some sketchy areas.

most of my out of state vacations are to big cities: chicago, mexico city, and going to buenos aires this fall - in colorado there's enough small towns and beautiful country in a day's drive i prefer visiting other big cities for long vacations.

on a related note - our weekly alternative paper had a long story about rezoning a part of colfax for stricter rules, which is considered the "bad street" by Denver standards. some interesting pros and cons
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