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Originally Posted by jeirvine View Post
Yup, though a little goes a long way, so don't over tighten. Also, tying the sides can help keep older sagging saddles in shape. I rescued a nice Ideale that way.
I was worried about overtightening, so I did not just dial out the nut in the noste of the saddle. On this particular saddle, the rails attach to the back of the saddle by two nuts, so I can completely remove the rails from the saddle, which is what I did. I then dialed out the stretcher nut just to the point where when I attached the pin to the nose of the saddle, I could just stretch the saddle enough to still reattached the rails to the back of the saddle. My first attempt, I could not get the rails to reach the bolts at the back, so I figured too tight and dialed the nut back a couple of turns, got the rails reattached, seems like good tension now.
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