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there are an abundance of stock bikes that are just like that one that are significantly cheaper. That's not really a subject for this particular forum, maybe the general forum would be better

As far as custom builders, there are probably 20 guys in Portland alone that will build you a nice city bike. On the east coast, I can think of Circle A, Tom Palermo, Ant, MAP. I like Bishop a lot. The people that run the oregonmanifest are a batch of *****************, but the people that participate are pretty good:
Most framebuilders know how to space out a frame for fenders. Some guys don't really build bikes like that, you have to know your builder. Looking through the bikes they have made tells you that sort of thing. Anyone that builds a randonneuse will be able to replicate your bike. You are going to have to work a little harder to find a builder than you have to date.
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