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Originally Posted by Komeht View Post
I am in love love love with the concept for this bike - a super stylish, light, modern (but retro in a cool way) English roadster.

The only problem is - the L (853 Reynolds) will run close to 6K dollars if you can manage to get one shipped across the pond. So - I'm thinking I could find or have a frame made and then build it out over time.

Question 1 - As for frame - I'm guessing the easiest way to duplicate that frame is to just have one made. The key parts being 1. lugged steel chromoly construction. 2. Quality tubing (Reynolds 853 or equivalent).

Question 2 - perhaps there is frame out there that I could search for - any suggestions?

Best I can tell - below is the list of components. The one big substitution I would probably make is to put a Alfine 8 or similar rear hub instead of the SRAM automatic. Not tied to any particular component, but am to the overall look of the bike (any smart substitutions that don't detract from the look would be appreciated - except I'm definitely sticking with brooks B17 saddle).

SRAM automatic two-speed hub
Schmidt SON delux front dynamo hub
Schmidt SON Edelux front lamp
Nitto all rounder bar
Technomic stem
Technomic S65 seatpin
Tange Seiki bottom bracket
Tange Seiki headset
Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle
Matching leather bar tape
FSA Gimondi chainset
MKS sylvain road pedals
Ambrosia Excellence
Sapim laser spoke shod
Continental Gator Hardshell Tyres

Thoughts? Suggestions? How much would it cost to reproduce (more or less) this bike?
OP; BTW, to refer to 853 Reynolds as "chromoly" would not be recommended anywhere near a Reynolds employee for fear of possible bodily damage. Reynolds 853 is a far more complex (and more capable) alloy. They might take offense and beat on you with a stick of Columbus tubing. [

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