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Now I'm torn between these 2!!!

So I am torn between these 2 folders:

The Birdy and Montague Paratrooper /Pro.

So here's my thing... I thought I am settled to get a Birdy as it can do a little bit of everything, (small fold second to Brompton, can take a beating because of its solid body and has full suspension, possible for touring, great for commuting, etc.). Then comes the Montague Paratrooper /Pro. I said to myself, I will be 85-90% commuting by bike (17.2miles everyday) than taking it to train/bus. I am 5'8 and about 80kg, and was a BMXer way back hey days. I want to stay fit/healthy again by doing bike as I am a 9-5 working guy who 95% of time sitting infront of a computer.

The Paratrooper can take a beating, so as the Birdy. But coming from a BMX background, I would like to do a bit of it from either the Birdy or Paratrooper.

The question is, do I really need the Birdy or should I go for a Paratrooper as it can take a beating, and most of the time will be used to commute all the way - back & forth. So folding it to a bus/train is very minimal. I wouldn't mind carrying a 32lbs bike. I will only fold and take it to a train/bus if the weather is really-really bad. If possible, I would like to use it even if it's snowing. BTW, i'm from London, UK.

Can a Birdy take a daily commute (I'm talking about 90% commute - without going to trains/bus, so very minimal folding)? Can it be used for a bit of BMXing?

Thats all for now, I have other things to ask but I can't remember 'em all as I am caught between a hangover and a pesky work deadline!

Please help me shed some light here. Any Birdy/Montague Paratrooper /Pro experts?

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