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First track bike: TK2 vs Track Champion

Finally got into track cycling after years on the road and having more fun than I thought possible on a bike. However, after several training outings on loaner Schwinns, I think its finally time to add another steed to my stable. I've been doing a lot of reading on intro bikes and even more deal hunting and I think I have settled on either a TK2 or a Track Champion. The main issue I've been having in finding something is size. I'm 6' 5" with somewhat odd dimensions so my options are pretty limited short of custom.

My competitive cyclist fit calculator (oh so scientific) says I should have the following:

The Competitive Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c: 61.7 - 62.2
Seat tube range c-t: 63.6 - 64.1
Top tube length: 56.7 - 57.1
Stem Length: 11.8 - 12.4
BB-Saddle Position: 91.7 - 93.7
Saddle-Handlebar: 56.1 - 56.7
Saddle Setback: 6.5 - 6.9

TK2 61:

Head Tube Angle 75
Seat Tube Angle 74
Top Tube Horizontal 607
Top Tube Center to Center 597
Head Tube Length 195
Seat Tube Center to Top 610
Seat Tube Center to Center 541
Bottom Bracket Drop 55
Chainstay Length 395
Front Center 615
Wheelbase 1004
Rake 30
Reach 438
Stack 589

Track Champion 60:
Head Angle 74
Head Tube Length 167mm
ETT 575
Seat Angle 74.3
Seat Tube Length C-T 600

Also of concern is price. I definitely want something that's going to serve me well for a couple of seasons and be a good platform for upgraded components, but would like to start off with something with good value. I can get the Track Champion for about $1100 shipped from the UK or potentially get the TK2 at a 30% discount through the local velodrome club (~1400).

I'm leaning towards the track champion due to its reputation and price, but would really appreciate the input of those wiser than me. Thanks!!!

Ps: if anyone is looking for a large track bike, I have compiled a spreadsheet with a lot of what is available here
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