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Serenity is one that you need to throw into that list with a TT of 60cm. Another option for you is the Alien V3 that I have 2 of now, one of the first gen that's about to go on the road as a TT/fixed gear, and a later gen. The designer/maker is getting out of them now, but he might have some frames around still

I'm the same height as you, but I definitely wouldn't be happy on a road bike with 57.5. I ride a Felt F4 on the road with a 605mm TT, after spending a few years on a 590 TT.

The TT length you need sort of depends on the style of racing you prefer too. If you like to get out of the saddle and really pump on the gas in sprint events, then a longer TT or stem will suit. For this reason I run a 140mm stem on my alien at 61cm TT. Really stretched out but great for sprinting.

Going back on track, I think you'd be more than happy with something around the 590mm TT mark, and that will then allow for some flexibility with stems. Perhaps you could invest in a couple of different lengths over time. It doesn't take too much fiddling to change a track stem. You can stretch it out a bit for sprinting, and go back to a more normal road style setup for longer events.

Also consider into the equation that the larger the frame, the more flexy it will be, so if you can be happy on something with a TT shorter than 600mm, then probably go for that.
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