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Thanks all for your reply.

Originally Posted by bhkyte View Post
What do you mean by bmx? Tricks,ramp, race, mounyain biking trails. I birdie will cope with a lot of terrain.but I would not get air on a folder ofter if I was you.
I do a bit of tricks and mountain biking trails. Can a Birdy handle that or should I go for Paratrooper, as I don't mind getting a bigger folder as I will be using it as my main commuting transpo, with occasional train/bus multi-modal (if the weather is really bad). So will only fold it if I am caught up in a really bad weather while commuting. Travel will be 16miles a day (that's back and forth).

Originally Posted by smallwheeler View Post
This is also my 3rd option. Do you think it will perform ok? If I would go for the Jetstream, what upgrades/changes do I need to be able to perform well in commuting-mountain bike trailing, and how about the maintenance cost? Also, I am worried about its fold in the middle, unlike the 2 main bikes that I mentioned (Birdy/Paratrooper), they are pretty much solid on the fold as it doesn't fold in the middle.

Originally Posted by brakemeister View Post
where are you located ?

Best Thor
I am located in East London UK.
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