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26" wheelers are a bit more flexible, do dirt better, and are a swine to carry around. (I have one) The Dahon JetScream has been used off-road in many cases, and is a great town/light trail ride, the downside could be more dirt=more maintenance. There are some though who don't bother, and the bikes carry on.

I know nothing about Birdies because I have Dahon written all the way through my middle.

Any of these bikes will easily do 20 miles a day, each way. Or more.

You really need at least two bikes, which is what you'll get eventually. The question is, which one first?

If you've got the itch for real dirt, get a 26" wheel folding bike and a spare set of wheels, one with gnarly tyres on, the other with street slicks. A set of Quando hubs and rims is about 50 from Amazon or much less from your local dumpster. That's the most flexibility for the least dough.

However, people ride almost anything on and off road. Including 16" wheel bikes. Not me, though.

The Paratrooper needs the front wheel removed to 'fold'. Not really an issue unless you're prone to lapses of public transport.

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