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v-brake, shifter...


i live in canada, quebec

my bike is a Diamondback Axis (old bike)

i have a deore LX rear derailleur
and a deore XT front derailleur

my shifter and my cassette have 7 speed

my shifter / brake lever are shimano stx
i think my shifter and brake lever is linked...
i have cantilever brake

i would like to change my cantilever brake for v-brake...
i surely need to change my shifter ?

are there any brake lever/shifter (7 speed) who support v-brake?

on ebay i only find shifter over 7 speed...

i would like to buy v-brake and shifter/ brake lever who is done for 7 speed... i'm not able to find a store on the web who sale that

can i buy shifter who support 8 or 9 speed and use it on my bike? (some speed will not be used)
does any rear derailleur is able to set to 8,9 speed?

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