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Hmm I don't care what the science says about carbon, I think it has its place, such as F1 cars and Road bikes, but you won't get me on anything (without considerable effort or or in instances beyond my controlled) that's gonna be going downhill and or over bumpy terrain.

Yes carbon is strong and a wonderful use full bloody expensive material...but its also brittle and chips easy, its strong but not always in the right way, if u hit a ALU from it will bend, if you hit or scrape scar on it will snap and scratch and splinter into thousands of tiny spears...

I speack from experience of watching carbon explode...I use to do archery and I many a time saw carbon arrows split / crack , even when pulling arrows out of targets you had to use a special tool to avoid splinters...and caron splinters are nasty / Pain full / give you carbon poisoning.

IMO carbon is for speed machines not things that need to take knocks and hits, and also for its price the speed gains you may may not get from it are not worth the added cost to most people ( exception being Olympic athletes on roads bikes, why would you want it on a MTB )

This is all just my opinion and may or may not be completely correct regarding the strength of carbon, but its how I feel about it and each to there own so if you don't agree with me don't start an argue meant, however I am always happy to read other peoples opinions etc and counter arguments to what I have said even if I don't agree.
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