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Thanks snafu21, my main priority at the moment is a commuter folding bike for a 16mile ride everyday (not gonna take it to the train all the time, will only do that for emergencies like really really bad weather etc.). I've read/heard a lot of good stuff about the Birdy bike, but I am worried about the availabilty of the wheels/other parts if I ever ran into some road holes etc. I know it can take some light-trails/off-road tasks, but the availabilty of the parts concerns me. Unlike the paratrooper which is pretty much most (or all) of its parts can be purchased at any LBS. I am also looking to try some winter commuting (and possibly some rainy travels), not sure if Birdy is up for that with not too many maintenance required. So it will be pretty much beaten up as I wll be using it as my main daily transportation. By the way, I am from East London, UK.

Any insights about Birdy?
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