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This Serotta Atlanta frame was bought as a "project" from my local bike rescue for just $200.00 The BB was siezed in place, and an allen key was welded to the BB spindle in an attemt to work it free. Never happened!

The previous attemps by others to free it all left a few hacksaw cuts in the BB shell, but the new BB lock ring covers those nicely. There is a little paint discoloration on the bottom of the BB shell from the heat of the previous welding, but it's underneath so no biggie.

A nice plus is an almost perfect set of Campagnolo duel pivot brakes were included in my buy price of $200.00 The rest of the parts i had laying around from ebay used purchases, except for a new set of tires and tubes.

I spent 6-7 hours on it grinding the entire bottom bracket out from the center until just the threads.

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