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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
I guess that means that I don't get the 7.6 for 2 bills, huh????? Butttttt, why the baby rings on the crank, in Florida? Maybe a 50-40-30.....

Friday, and yesterday, I spent tuning, cleaning, adjusting, fixing, my son and daughter in laws' Expeditions. Yes, of course, I did the grandchildrens' first....... his Marin, and her Absolute 2.0. (The kids go faster)
Sorry I didn't see the part about why the baby rings, truth is that I've really been looking at gearing etc.. I am never going to need a 50 x 11 (just wasted gears) 15 MPH puts me right in the middle of the cassette, on the middle chain ring. and 20 mph puts me right in the middle of the cassette on the big chain ring. That's at 80-85 rpm's. There is plenty of gearing both high & low with this set up. (for me). And some granny gearing for bridges etc.. Like the mechanic at the LBS said, that gear I'm looking for is always there. No huge gaps so to speak.
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