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Originally Posted by AnthonyMcEwen View Post
. . . I think it has its place, such as F1 cars . . . but you won't get me on anything (without considerable effort or or in instances beyond my controlled) that's gonna be going downhill and or over bumpy terrain.
So let me see if I follow your 'logic': you'll trust carbon fiber suspension components at over 200 mph on the potholed streets of Monaco - - but you won't at 25 mph over bumps on a bicycle? Whatever.

Originally Posted by Wooden Tiger View Post
I have no doubts carbon is a very strong material, but I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm riding a bike made of threads.
You would not have made a very good pole vaulter.

Raced at the '06 UCI Masters Worlds with this modest, laid-back dude named Alex Morgan who I'd say was just a bit ahead of his time - - racing DH on a carbon fiber . . . 29er . . . frame that he built himself at his shop in West Texas. Made me a believer in the toughness of CF.

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