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Serious value, put the chain back on, air up tires, and take several pics outside with a quiet background. Lever hoods would help too.

Your ability to market will determine at least half the $$ you get for it, and marketing includes a description of some of those nice parts, the frame material of construction (its on the decal) and the size. All of that info can be easily gleaned off Google in a couple of minutes, and can mean hundreds of dollars to the ultimate price.

Also need to know where you are located, and how you plan to sell. If ebay, you will need to be an experienced seller, with lots of pristine feedback, and the ability and willingness to ship at a low cost. Otherwise, that leaves Craigslist. In most markets in the US, the higher end stuff sells low on Craigslist, great for buyers, lousy for sellers. If you are in one of the red hot bike markets (like San Fran for example), then a local Craigslist sale can do very well.

Successfully selling a nicer bike at or near market value can be a lot of work. Otherwise, they tend to go low, only to reappear a week or two later with better marketing, and a higher price. Just saw a nice bike on my local Craigslist. The bike was a deal last week (sold fast). This week, the price is THREE TIMES HIGHER.

If you check pricing on ebay, PLEASE ignore asking prices! Sellers can and often do ask ridiculous prices for bikes, but they rarely get them. You want to know what bikes have SOLD for, not what some crazy person is hoping for. So check completed auctions. A lot of newb sellers get mislead by crazy high asking prices, and expect to get that much for their bike, only to find out it is not realistic, or even possible.

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