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Lots of really good points, here. Having never ridden anything (in my current cycling iteration) other than a triple, I have no idea what a compact feels like. And, please do understand, I have no animosity towards a triple. Triples have served me well on all of my recent (since 2005) bikes, although with the close spacing in the back, sometimes I can't tell that I've shifted to a higher ratio. My old Lemond -which was a 9 speed 105 if memory serves- had a 30/30 and, as I recall, it made Sharp Park Road almost easy. I've made do with the 30/28 on my Giant but I can and do struggle with it. Back to square one, I could just buy a 12-30 cog set (if I can find one) for $100 or so and swap it out. Or I can try the Z3.
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