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Spreading the bug?

Has anyone here successfully convinced acquaintances/coworkers to go by bike instead of by car? I discovered the other day that one of my coworkers (in a different department than the one I work in) lives about half a mile from where we work but still drives even on beautiful spring days, he's in his 20's, healthy, and has no kids to drop at school or cargo to carry either. His spending money to be trapped in a pollution spreading box, getting to work no faster than he could with a leisurely bike ride seems like a tragedy from my point of view.

Now, I'm not talking about proselytizing, I think most people here will agree that going around preaching the virtues of bicycling accomplishes nothing except making the biker look like a nagging holier-than-thou jackass. I don't present my choice of vehicles as anything special, and unless the topic comes up because people ask when see me riding in to work, I rarely talk about up bicycling for transportation (most new coworkers never notice I ride to work until the snow starts falling, then my attire starts to attract questions) but I'm not ashamed to talk about it either, I act like it's as normal and commonplace as I wish it was - not because I'm an environmentalist or think that I know better than people, but if I could encourage people to do something I think would bring them some pleasure, I'd be happy to see it happen.

On the other hand, it's somewhat disappointing that I've not seen any real increase in the number of people who ride in several years, just presenting an example of how useful a bicycle can be doesn't seem to convince anyone to leave their cars at home, so I'm wondering if anyone here has had success with a more active approach?

I'm thinking that the next time I end up talking to this coworker I'll ask if he's ever ridden to work, and if not, if he'd be interested in a $50 bike which I could provide - does that sound reasonable?
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