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I don't unless they bring it up first. I also doubt that anyone in my department would be interested in a bike commute, because as I stated in another thread, most of my co-workers live pretty far away from the workplace. About 20-60 miles away (one-way) from the workplace. That's far enough away that I would just drive. Public transportation has very limited service during my commute to work hours (3:00 A.M.-ish). But if the service wasn't so limited and awful at 3:00 A.M., I'd definitely take it over driving because parking is a PITA in San Francisco. The ones who are close enough to work either don't know how to ride or have no interest in cycling, period. At least from the ones who brought up the fact that I commute by bicycle.

I see other bikes on the racks occasionally, but it seems like my bike is the only one that's consistently there Monday thru Friday during my work hours.
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