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Seems to me there are two ways to try and convince people to do something they'd rather not do (the case with most people about bike commuting); you either preach it or sell it.

I'm no preacher, for sure, and evidently I'm no salesman, either; lately, I haven't even been able to convince my co-worker (who USED to ride ALL THE TIME!) to get back into it! He keeps giving me these excuses about the kids, his start-up jewelry business, not having time, etc..... Now, THIS is the guy that "enabled" my rediscovered passion for the ride, 13 years ago! How bad am *I*, that I can't get THIS guy back on the bike?!? LOL!

People around here live by their preconceived notions, and resist anyone without a teaching certificate, in a class they've PAID for, telling them ANYTHING. SO I just ride.
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