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Originally Posted by PedalingFool View Post
There's a 55 year old female on my Facebook that seen all my pictures and videos of my rides that says she's getting a bike because of me...

This is the kind of high class woman that has long fingernails, always wearing high heels, and fancy dresses. Not sure if she's really going to
go through with it though... especially since the weather here in Michigan hasn't been exactly bike friendly much at all this season.
That's great!

It's funny that this thread came up just now....

Just a couple days ago, I was talking to a female co-worker of about that age, also with the fingernails. She told me she had gone on a 16 mile bike ride that morning. She agreed with my observation that, far from being exhausted from her longest ride ever, she seemed to have more energy than usual.

I said, "Gosh, if you can do that, riding to work would be a piece of cake." She agreed, but said she wouldn't want to ride home in the dark when our shift ends at 11:30 PM. I said it was too bad she would have to leave her bike at work if she rode in.

Then, a couple minutes later, I heard her on the phone with another co-worker, who lives down the street from her. "Hey, if I ride my bike to work tomorrow, can I throw it in your van and get a ride home?"

So she had the idea herself, but in a way, I planted the seed. I also helped her plan a safe and pleasant route to work. I know she's only doing half a commute, and she will only do it when the weather is great. But, hey, baby steps....

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