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Originally Posted by JAG410 View Post
Nah, you can move spacers about and re-dish the wheel with a spoke wrench.
I like this. And re-dishing part may not be needed.

This is the type of project a noob can figure out on his own, once set in that direction, thereby leading him down the slippery slope of C&V DIY perdition. Bwahahahaha!

I'd take the wheel to my LBS, not to have them do the job, but to ask them if they would sell me some old spacers to make it work. The time I actually did this, they gave them to me for free. (It didn't hurt that I bought a tube, patch kit, tire levers and a mini-pump from them earlier that week It's the kind of older LBS that has little boxes of stuff like this on hand, in case they ever have to work on older bikes.
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