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Originally Posted by Chombi View Post
Look pedals were hitting the cycling market hard by 1986 and everyone was jumping in for their share of the new technology for their bikes. Some bike manufacturers were still issuing the best non-clipless pedals on their bikes at that time as they were not so sure that the public was totally sold on them yet, but a lot of clipped pedals were certainly taken off on many higher end bikes at that time before they left the dealer's floor. So, I would think clipless Look pedal set on that bike can be considered "appropriate". And don't worry too much if the looks on the bike are later 90's models or newer, as the technology and general look of the pedals did not change that much anyway as the years went.
As for clipless pedals being dangerous, it one of the biggest myths that still seem to refuse to die after all these years. Keep in mind that clipless pedal designs were mostly based on ski binding technology, so there was big thinking about how the pedals would actually provide a much safer condition, compared to older pedal retention technology. I still can't believe why it would be thought that a quick, outward twist of the foot to release yourself from a clipless pedal could be more dangerous that having to loosen the strap on a clipped pedal with one hand and having to let go of the handlebar to do so. And if the response is . "I don't tighten the strap on my clipped pedals anyway",....then one is not using their clipped pedal retention system appropriately and to full potential anyway.....
+1 There's nothing wrong with choosing whatever pedal system you want, but it is a fallacy to think that clipless pedals are more dangerous than cages and straps.

Also I wouldn't worry too much about the originality thing, unless you're trying to create a show bike. Have fun with it, set it up in a way that you find most functional and aesthetically pleasing, and just don't do anything irreversible.
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