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My interesting day of 'firsts'

Here goes...

* My first post here since getting my mountain bike
* My first ride at Blanket's Creek, in Woodstock, GA
* My first ride that lasted less than 4 minutes (3 minutes, 57 seconds to be exact)
* My first 'endo' (well, first one since I was teenager)
* My first tacoed wheel
* My first shed blood related to mountain biking

Gah, what a day. Out of town for training so I naturally take my bike along. I brave the 8 lane congested Atlanta traffic and make my way to what I hear is a great place to ride. I get on the beginner loop and start having some fun. I've been riding for several weeks now and I'm starting to get a little confidence... maybe too much. I'm looking around at the great scenery and next thing I know my face is buried in weeds, vines, and dirt. I stand up, completely astounded at the turn of events. A few seconds later I'm laughing my ass off and glad that no one saw the endo. *note to self: pay attention to the trail ALWAYS... even on the beginner loops.

My laughs quickly turned to groans when I saw my front wheel (pictures below). Ah well, 'tis part of the territory I suppose... especially for a newb. Regardless of my unfortunate luck today, the past weeks of riding has been some of the most fun I've ever had. Plus it's getting my rear end out of the house/office and into fresh air and exercise.

So I hoist my bike on my shoulder and strike out for the car. The really nice gentleman I met at the parking area (about 15 minutes earlier) gave me a hilarious double-take as he saw me walking up. "Short ride huh?" <sigh>

In a strange sort of way, I feel like I went through a rite of passage today with my first endo. I hate to admit it, but on my way back to the car I couldn't help but whisper in my best Beavis (and Butthead), "That was sooo cool".

I am going to have to get a backup bike... this is the 2nd time in a week that I've been out of commission because of me breaking something (bent the crap out of my derailleur at Haw Ridge on Friday).

So I'll kick back with a Guinness Extra Stout here in the hotel room and await your good-natured teasing.
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