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Is this Drewed?

I guess drewed isn't the right term, but a previous owner did take a drill to the frame without really knowing what they were doing.

The bike is a 1993(?) KHS Aero Comp. It's very light and belongs to my girlfriend. Pretty neat curved seattube and non-circular downtube (its triangular with rounded off edges, not sure if that shape has a specific name).

Anyway, a previous owner drilled two holes into the downtube on one of the flat sections, as you can see in the picture. While we were trying it out the waterbottle cage was slightly loose and I assumed they just needed tightening and wasn't anything serious. We took it home and immediately found out that the holes for the cage were not threaded and looked to be non-standard.

Is this a serious problem? I've seen things like this lead to cracks and whatnot. She's been riding on the bike without any problems for months. Also, we never ride in the rain and its always stored inside. Can it be fixed? It would be nice to have a water bottle cage there, but we wouldn't want to wreck the paint by having braze-ons added.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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