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I am 57 (1/23/45), and was diagnosed with prostate cancer in summer of 2001; beginning with a psa (prostate specific antigen) test result of 6.2 (detected as result of annual checkup; a test result greater than 4 is reason for alarm)) and subsequent positive biopsy.

There are basically three remedies: (1) wait and see (only if your life expectancy is ten yrs. or less); (2) radical surgery (usually results in impotency/incontinence problems; but recommended if psa is dramatically elevated) which may or may not be accompanied by radiation and hormone treatments; (3) radioactive seed implants (effective when psa is relatively low), sometimes coupled with radiation and hormone treatments. A cornerstone of the treatment regimen is whether there is metastisis (spread to other tissues/organs), whch may indicate a melding of any number of the recommended treatment protocols.

Luckily, I qualified for seed implants (relatively low psa, no metastisis); was advised after one month to resume my normal schedule and to regain level of fitness. I'm presently , and was pre-surgery 6'1", 170-180; but ballooned to 205 lbs. during hormone therapy (suppresses testosterone production, a bane to libido and possibly marital relations), despite active workout and cycling schedule. Am now very fit with no incontinence/impotence issues. Btw, yearly psa tests are strongly adviesd if one is over 50 yo; and if Afro-American (me), over 40.

There is, and always has been, "MUCH" controversy on this issue (some urologists suggest that no treatment is warranted); but the jury is still out. Meanwhile...

I personally, and my oncologist and urologist agree, attribute no negatives to my cycling; although I do use a "Terry Liberator Lite" saddle on my hybrid; and, have never experienced numbness (I attribute incidencies of numbness to riding style; i.e., too much time in a seated position). Be active on the saddle!!! Move around!!! Just plain common sense.

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